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added 11.22.2014

Cooper 21 "Custom Classic" 17 Fireball
Cooper 21 "Custom Classic" 17 Fireball

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Nesika "MT" Tactical 338 Lapua
Nesika "MT" Tactical 338 Lapua

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HS Precision 2000 "PHL" 308 Winchester
HS Precision 2000 "PHL" 308 Winchester

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Luxus Model 11 "C" Grade 25/06 Remington
Luxus Model 11 "C" Grade 25/06 Remington

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George Hoenig "Rotary Action" 9.3x74R

Model: George Hoenig "Rotary Action"
Caliber: 9.3x74R
Barrel Length: 26"
Stock: English Walnut
Price: $25,000.00

**Pre-Owned** A rarely encountered rotary action double rifle built by George Hoenig.   This ingenious engineering marvel exhibits incredible strength and ease of operation.  The action is opened by a simple 1/4 turn to the right and then a pull forward on the barrel set.  The exceptional workmanship is only outdone by the incredible design.  From the bushed firing pins to the one hand quick release scope mount, this rifle will amaze you with it's attention to detail.  For the gentleman who settles for nothing but the finest, this rifle will not disappoint.  Overall condition is very good, with both metal and wood retaining 95% of the original finsh.  There are a few minor handling marks present on the wood while the bores are in mint condition.  Without a doubt this is one the modern wonders of fine gunmaking!  Please call for more details or with questions!

  • Exhibition Grade English Walnut
  • Pancake Cheekpiece w/Shadowline
  • Trap Door Grip Cap
  • 26" Barrel Set
  • Regulated w/286gr Bullets
  • Quarter Rib
  • Folding Front Sight Hood
  • Double Triggers (Right Hand)
  • Flag Style Safety
  • Includes Leupold Vari X-III 1.5-5x20mm
  • Supplied with Americase, Paperwork and Regualation Targets
  • Engraved by Owen Bartlett
  • LOP - 14 3/8"
  • Weight - 9 lbs. 6 oz. (w/Scope)
  • Weight - 8 lbs. 5 oz. (w/o Scope)
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